Introduction: Homemade Battle-Bot (Make It Move)

About: My name is Isaiah Schell and I like to design and 3D print things.

So... I bet you're wondering how I just made a working combat robot, right? Well, in this case I designed it on Tinkercad, 3D printed it, and fit it with some spare electronics I had. In this tutorial I will guide you through how I made this.


You will need:

-3d Printer

-laptop running windows, macOS, or Linux

-Misc. electronics (In steps)

-some common knowledge of what electronics do what ;)

Step 1: Come Up With Idea

Before you even get started with trying to design a robot, you will probably want to come up with a mechanism for how your robot works. My robot here is called a Full Body Spinner because of the way a "shell" rotates around a separate frame.

Step 2: Design Your Robot

Now that you've come up with an idea of how your robot will work, start designing it!

For this step, I used a program called "Tinkercad." Tinkercad is a 3d designing software that is open source and easy to use. It may take a while to really get good at 3D designing, so watch a lot of YouTube on it and stick with it!

Step 3: 3D Printing Your Bot

If you don't have a 3D printer, you can find other materials like metal or wood to build your bot around. For me, I have a printer which is why I'm making this step.

For my bot, I used a material called PLA. It is very easy to print, and is overall a pretty durable material. You can still use whatever material is best for you, this is just the one I chose.

Step 4: Fitting Your Bot With Electronics

I must tell you before that everybody will do this step differently, so please make sure YOU know what to do.(electronics are dangerous)

For me, I had to use a brushless motor, 3x ESC (electronic speed controller), Receiver, Transmitter (remote control), and a LIPO battery. These components ended up costing me less than $100.

Step 5: Test Your Bot

Once you have fitted all of your electronics into your bot, MAKE SURE YOU TEST IT. You do NOT want to go enter into a competition without knowing if it will work or not.

Step 6: Have Fun!

Yes, your bot is complete! Just make sure you stay safe...


Project by: Isaiah Schell

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