Introduction: Homemade Bike Rack

Bike storage is an issue in every school, but not anymore! There is a quick, modern, and cheap way to have bike storage in all schools. This bike storage unit is made for the GCE Lab School. This was made in the class Rapid Prototyping. This bike storage costs less than twenty dollars! It is much more affordable than other bike storage solutions.

Step 1: Assemble

The items you will need are:

(This is to make one bike holder that holds two bikes. Multiply as needed.)

1. 1 flange piece

2. 1 3/4"X5" steel pipe

3. 1 tee shaped pipe

4. 1 14" wood pipe

5. 4 dry wall screws

Step 2: Tools

The tools you will need:

1. Drywall drill

2. Goggles

3. Saw

4. Drill

Step 3: Assembly and Cutting

1. Cut a half inch knot into your wood pipe

2. Drill a hole into the top part of your T

3. Put your pole through the T. You should have an even amount of room on both sides (7")

4. Screw your pole and T together

5. Screw your piece to the wall

See photos for step by step instructions.

Step 4: Recap

This solution for bike storage worked very well! The only thing I would change in this product is having a slightly longer pole. I used a 14" pole because of the room I was working with. For a bigger space I would recommend a longer pole. Make sure, if you do choose to go bigger, to have the same length on both sides.

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