Introduction: Homemade Christmas Tree

This is a tabletop Christmas tree my mother is working on.

Step 1: Materials

To make this, I used a sheet of gold diffraction foil posterboard and rolled it up into a cone roughly 2 feet tall and roughly 8 to 10 inches across at the base. We then stuffed it with newspaper and hot glued a firm base made from rolled newspaper onto the bottom.

Step 2: Rolled Newspaper.

The internal base and the little rings are made up of newspaper, rolled into a tube and coiled around and glued down.

Step 3: How to Make the Rolled Up Newspaper.

I am including this for those who don't know how to do this.

To start, cut newspaper into strips, then start rolling it onto a bamboo skewer. when you get to the end(Fourth picture) glue the end down then remove the skewer. These will be like the "reeds" used for weaving.

To make the rings, slightly flatten them and start rolling them around an object: The pic shows a gluestick but the rings for the tree were much smaller and wrapped around a pen to make a coil roughly an inch across.

Afterwards the rings were dipped into a mixture of white glue and green acrylic paint, then set on a plastic sheet and set aside to dry.

Step 4: Making the Tree

To make the tree itself, begin hot gluing the green rings to the tree, working from the bottom up. Continue doing this until the tree is covered with the rings. Afterwards check for any loose rings and re-glue them on.

The little balls were cut from a dollar store beaded garland and each bead was glued to each one of the rings.

Step 5: Final Assembly

The topper and lace garland came from the dollar store. A base can be made using rolled up newspaper rolled into disks and glued together.

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