Introduction: Homemade Dark Chocolate.

Ever since I was a toddler I have loved
chocolate and I have wanted to try to make my own for some time now, recently I got a project at school for designing and advertising a brand of chocolate, so I looked into making chocolate and made the decision to give it a shot, so I documented it and here it is, surprisingly it is quite simple.
Let's get to it.

Ok so I don't actually see why I need a disclaimer for a chocolate instructable but, I don't wan't to get sued either basically don't be stupid don't put your fingers or any other body part near the blades, don't touch the inside when it is on, and make sure it has stopped before you open it, JUST BE CAREFUL.

Step 1: Tools and Materials.

So it is very simple and only needs two ingredients, and three tools.
White sugar
The sugar is easy to get but the cacao nibs are a little bit more challenging, I suggest that you try a healthfood store but I got mine from maxifoods(I live in Australia) I suggest that you don't buy the same brand that I did because it is $10 for 100 grams, although it does make really nice chocolate.
Spice grinder or small blender(I used Magic bullet).
rubber spatula.
and a Mortar and Pestle.
that is it.

Step 2: The Grind.

This chocolate is going to be 62.5% cacao solids which is dark chocolate.
Ok so measure out 30 grams of white sugar and put it in the grinder, now grind until it is nearly the consistency of flour(you can probably just use icing sugar but I havent tried it so I would stick to using white sugar,) the reason you grind the sugar first is because the human tongue can feel particles larger than 30 microns so we want to get it as small as possible. hate to burst your bubble but this chocolate is unlikely to be that small so it may be a bit grainy but it will taste delicious.

Next measure out 50 grams of cacao nibs, put these with the sugar and continue blending, stop every minute or so and shake the mixture then keep blending, you will see the mix turning from a white to a light brown to a dark brown, as soon as it goes to dark brown you have to start taking it off every 30 seconds and using the spatula to scrape under the blades of the blender and to scrape the chocolate from around the edges of the blender, then push it back into the center so it can continue blending, every now and then get some chocolate on your finger and taste it to feel the grains, once the grains stop getting smaller then onto the next step.
By the way the reason that the solid ingredients turn to a "liquid" is because when you grind cacao small enough the blades create lots of friction which starts to melt the cacao butter in the nibs.

Step 3: The Conch.

This step is called conching it is used to make the particles smaller and to bring out the flavour of the chocolate.

Get out your mortar and pestle and using the spatula scrape all of the chocolate out of the blender and put it in the mortar and pestle, also be sure to get all of it so that you dont waste any precious chocolate.

Next just grind the brains out of the chocolate periodically stopping to scrape the chocolate into the center, grind until you cant grind any longer.

Step 4: The Pour.

Lay out some baking paper and using the spatula pour/flop the chocolate onto it, alternatively you could melt it again on a double boiler and pour it into a mould but I just went straight onto the sheet, put it in the fridge until it is hard, then youre done.
Now enjoy your delicious homemade chocolate.