Introduction: Homemade Dumplings With Chicken Noodles Soup

A friend of mine usually cooks, he wanted to shared some of his easy to make yet cheap dumplings.
Within 10 to 15 minutes you can make a whole lot dinner.

Step 1: Gather Some the Ingredients

You' ll be needed a Milk, 4 to 6 eggs, flour and chicken noodles soup. As easy as that!

Step 2: Mixin's

Beat the eggs and the fresh milk 4 cups thoroughly, 4 or 6 eggs is enough to be beat with, depending on your preferred amount.

Step 3: Add Some Flour

After you beat the eggs and the milk, add 4 cups of flour and mix it depending on the consistency of thickness. It needs to be sticky enough like dough to be molded like balls or clouds-like shape. You may use some former or bare hands in molding.

Step 4: Boil It Up!

After you have the enough balls or cloud shaped dough you may put it in your chicken noodles soup and let it boil for 10 minutes with reduced heat. You may add additional water if it absorbs water too much just don't ruin the taste though. It grow bigger and fluffier. Check the middle part of the dumplings if its cooked.

Step 5: Final

This is the final result of your homemade dumplings.
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