Introduction: Homemade Egg Cooker (summer Days)

Step 1: Buy the Telescope

Well I used the tripod for and iPhone 4 snowboarding tripod and now using this to cook eggs, I got it a few years ago never used it so decided instead of killing it to remake it

Step 2: Taking It Apart

The pictures says it all but just take the screws out and well that should do the trick (nothing is glued)


Look at the pictures it will show the parts you need and hot glue on the outside not the inside I'm not responsible if you have to go get your stomach pumped

Step 4: How It Works

The big glass eye is where the sun comes in and cooks it with the heat of the sun 85 degrees and up on a sunny day and good enough to eat not like on the sidewalks or roads

Step 5: YouTube

Subscribe to bumbumshack it's my YouTube channel plan to get a few how too mostly a snowboarding channel for now