Introduction: Indoor Shooting Range (bb and Air Soft Gun)

Step 1: Materials

Cardboard in between a inch binder Tacks Latex free gloves Old magazine Pen

Step 2: Gloves

Take your cardboard and put out two layers of gloves

Step 3: Tacks

Now put your tacks through the gloves and cardboard

Step 4: Old Magazine

Rip out two or three pages of a magazine and flip to the other side (no glove side) and put it over the tacks and push down where the tacks are.

Step 5: Draw Your Bullseye

Draw a bullseye and. Get shooting

Step 6: Note:

I am not responsible for any trouble you may get in Sony be an idiot always wear safety glasses (note: I used a red Ryder BB gun and it took the impact I would not recommend anything over 350 GPS BB gun and air soft nothing over 500 FPS I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURIES .

Step 7: YouTube

Go and follow my YouTube channel bumbumshack I have snowboarding videos hopefully some how too's very soon