Introduction: Homemade Eggless Viennetta Ice Cream

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I remember eating very delicious ice cream when I was young about 10 years ago. The name of the ice cream is Viennetta Ice Cream. It is a British ice cream made by Unilever. The ice cream consists of several layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Click here for more information about Viennetta ice cream. In my old home country, Indonesia, it is very difficult to buy this ice cream in the market. I do not know why. Perhaps, the price is not cheap. When I googled with the keyword Viennetta ice cream, there are a lot of recipes for making this ice cream. Most of them use eggs in the recipe. Therefore, I decided to make one eggless. I would like to share it with others. Without further ado, let's make this ice cream.


500 ml Heavy Cream

129 g Hershey milk chocolate

1 tsp vanilla extract

3 tsp cocoa powder

4 tbsp. sugar

3 pcs Oreo biscuit

Chocolate sprinkle

1 tsp corn oil

Parchment paper

Aluminum foil

9 x 5 in. Loaf Pan

1 piping bag and icing tips

Step 1: Melting the Chocolate

Break the chocolate into pieces and put it in the small bowl. Take a saucepan and pour some water in it. Bring water to boil in medium heat. Put the bowl on the saucepan. Stir the chocolate until melted and mix with 1 tsp corn oil. Stir until all incorporated. Set aside.

Step 2: Chocolate Sleet

Prepare parchment paper. Make three thin rectangles sleets with the size of your loaf pan. I used 9 x 5 in. loaf pan, so it should less than the size of the pan about 6.5 x 3 in. Spread the melted chocolate on each rectangle. Cover them with other parchment paper. Press them gently. Put them on the fridge.

Step 3: Whipped Cream Ice Cream- Pt. 1

Pour heavy cream into a mixing bowl. Add sugar and vanilla extract in it. Whip it until forming soft peaks. Divide it into two batches. Set aside.

Step 4: Whipped Cream Ice Cream- Pt. 2

In one bowl of whipped cream, add some melted chocolate and cocoa powder. Stir them gently until all incorporated. Divide this mixture into two. Put Oreo biscuit into the Ziploc plastic bag. Crush it nicely. Pour it into the other chocolate whipped cream and stir it until all mixed. Now, you have three separate bowls of whipped cream, which are white, chocolate, and chocolate mixed with Oreo biscuit whipped cream.

Step 5: Making the Viennetta Ice Cream- Layer #1

Prepare the loaf pan and cover it with parchment paper as shown in the picture. Take out the chocolate sleet from the fridge. All should work very fast. First, put white whipped cream to the loaf. Spread it flat.

Step 6: Making the Viennetta Ice Cream- Layer #2

Add the second layer with chocolate sleet and put chocolate whipped cream on top of it. Spread it flat.

Step 7: Making the Viennetta Ice Cream- Layer #3

Add another chocolate sleet on it for the third layer. If your chocolate sleet starts to melt, put in the fridge for 3-5 minutes. Put chocolate-Oreo-mixed whipped cream to the pan. Spread it flat.

Step 8: Making the Viennetta Ice Cream- Layer #4

For the fourth layer, add the last chocolate sleet and put white whipped cream on it. Spread it flat and nicely. Cover it with aluminum foil and put it into the freezer for about 4 hours.

Step 9: Decorating -1

After 4 hours, take the ice cream out from the freezer. Remove the aluminum foil cover. Take one plate and turn the ice cream over on the plate. Take out the ice cream from the pan and remove the parchment paper.

Step 10: Decorating -2

Start decorates the ice cream to make it prettier. I have remaining whipped cream, so using icing tips and piping bags, I decorate the ice cream as shown in the pictures. Optionally, sprinkle with chocolate sprinkles on the ice cream.

Step 11: Finished

Slice and serve your homemade Viennetta ice cream. If you do not have heavy cream in your kitchen, you can make this recipe by substituting the whipped cream with any flavor of ice cream bought. You are finished making Viennetta ice cream. Turn out making Viennetta ice cream is not so hard and complex than I thought before. Now I can enjoy the ice cream that I thought I lost a long time ago. I hope you enjoy making it. Thank you for reading my instructables.

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