Introduction: Homemade // Egon Gin // Maceration

About: The microstill is a home appliance to prepare spirits. Design and software are freely avialable.

Using my microstill, I am constantly expanding into new spirits and flavours. One recipe that I am particularly fond and therefore want to share is Egon Gin.

Next to the classical ingredients juniper, coriander and angelica, the recipe features rose petals and cucumber. Both give the gin a mellow and floral bouquet. The juniper is present, but well balanced with coridander and rose.

The procedure is simple. All botanicals are macerated in 40 % ABV grain spirit for one week. Then the spirit is filtrated and distilled using the microstill.

Step 1: Prepare the Botanicals

There are nine ingredients. Per 1 L of grain spirit (36-40% ABV) prepare:

  • 12 g juniper berry/cone (Juniperis communis)
  • 12 g coriander seeds (Coriandrum sativum)
  • 12 g cucumber slices (Cucumis sativus)
  • 3 g angelica root (Angelica archangelica)
  • 3 g rose petals (Rosa x centifolia)
  • 2 g cubeb pepper (Piper cubeba)
  • 1×4 cm slice orange peel/zest
  • 1×4 cm slice lemon peel/zest
  • 0.5 g caraway (Carum carvi)

Weight out the ingredients and put into a jar.

When preparing orange and lemon peel avoid the white on the back. I.e. only use the zest. If possible, use fresh cucumber from the garden or market. Its aroma is more intense. All ingredients are regular spices.

Step 2: Start the Maceration

Transfer all ingredients into a jar. Fill up the jar with grain spirit (36-40% ABV).

Close the jar. Store it for one week in the dark.

Step 3: Fitrate Macerate

After one week the macerate coloured nicely. On opening the jar, beware of the explosion of flavours. I love that bouquet. It is something between summer flowers, herbal pharmacy, and gin.

Pass the macerate through a fine mesh or coffee filter to remove the spices.

Step 4: Gin Distillation

The macerate is now filtrated. At this moment it is way to strong to serve as regular gin. It needs to be distilled to obtain its mild flavour.

Dilute 1 part Macerate with 3 parts potable water. The resulting wine will have about 8 % ABV. That is just perfect to be distilled in the microstill.

Collect the spirit from the microstill and indulge your Egon Gin! To your health!