Introduction: Homemade File Knife

About: I am a 9th grader at hardee senior high school. I enjoy woodworking, using my lathe, building knifes, hunting, fishing, building cool things i think of , and drawing.

Step 1:

This is a knife i made before i discovered imstructables. For that reason this is more of a show off than a tutorial.

Step 2: Cutting Out the Blank

I use a grinder to cut my blanks because thats the only thing that i have that can cut through carbon steel. You can use what ever you like

Step 3: Smoothing Out the Shape

I also use a grinder to smooth out big unwanted curves in the shape. After all the big chunks are gone I do the finishing touches on my 18 in. Stationary belt sander with 80 grit sand paper.

Step 4: Putting on the Edge

For most knifes the edge is on both sides, however, for Tantos the edge is on one side. When i made my edge i used a grinder that i held at a 20 degree angle for the right side i continued to grinder out my edge until there was only 1/32 in. Width between the edge aide and the flat side. Be sure you don't grinder down the flat side !!!!!!!!

Step 5: Adding the Finishing Touches With the Belt Sander

The first thing you do on the belt sander is put an edge on the flat side of your knife. Sand it down to a 10 degree angle on the flat side. On the other side begin sand the edge down flat ( this may take some time, and take some of the thickness away from the blade. It all depends how well you did on the grinder part) then finish sanding out all the blemishes and grinder marks.

Step 6: Polishing

When polishing i use a very fine sand paper(until august 24 then I'm going to get a buffing wheel) but keep going higher in the grits until the knife shines