Introduction: Homemade French Fries - Tasty and EASY!

How to make delicious deep-fried french fries easily and quickly.

edit: Thanks for featuring my Instructable, Instructables! Read the comments for some helpful tips on frying, what oils to use, and some alternate methods of cooking. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Step 1: Collect Your Materials

To make these fries you will need:

- Canola Oil (Olive Oil and Vegetable Oil also work)
- Potatoes
- Deep-dish pan

Step 2: Prep You Potatoes

Fill the base of your pan with canola oil (or other). Set the stove at high heat and let it sit.

Use a potato peeler to take the skin off of your potato(es). Once you have skinned your potato(es), place it on your cutting board and cut it up into long, slender, oval-shaped, slices.

Step 3: Fry Your...fries?

Once you have your potato(es) in fry form, you should be ready to cook them. To test if your oil is ready, put a drop of water on your finger and fling it into the pan. If the oil begins popping loudly, it is ready (careful, if you drop in too much water, the oil could spatter everywhere and burn your skin really badly).

Turn the stove to medium/low heat (the lower the flame, the longer the fries cook. Cooking them on low tastes a lot better but takes a lot longer). Drop your fries in carefully, making sure not to splash burning hot oil all over yourself and your kitchen.

While your fries cook, it might be a good idea to get out a bowl and put a paper towel in it. The paper towel will soak up the excess grease on your fries and make them taste better.

Step 4: Take 'em Out and Eat 'em Up!

Once your fries have turn a gold brown around the edges, they should be ready to eat. All you have to do is take your fries out and place them in the bowl. Tongs work good but you can use a spatula if you don't have any.

These fries taste good with salt, ketchup, or the hot sauce of your choice. Enjoy!