Introduction: Homemade Garlic/Thyme Pasta

Learn how to make homemade pasta fused with Garlic and thyme for extra flavoring.

Step 1: Ingredients

2 cups of White flower

3 Eggs

4 garblic clovers

Thyme leaves (about 3 branches)

1/2 spoon of Salt

2 spoons olive oil

First put the flowers and eggs together, using a food processor grind the garlic olice oil and tyhme into a nice smooth paste,

Pour the paste into the floar and eggs and whisk away! until you get a nice smooth doe

Step 2: Preparing the Doe

After the due is smooth and uniform let it rest in a plastic bag for 45 minutes,

this will give it a little more strength against tearing up when we thin it.

Step 3: Thining and Cutting the Pasta

Thin the doe as much as possible.. add more flower if it gets a little sticky.

Once you have a thin slice of doe fold it on itself (it make cutting the noddles easier ) and cut strips with a knife

Step 4: Sweet Potato Carbonara Sauce

For our Sauce we use:

1 big Sweet potato


2 eggs


first cook the Sweet potato in water until its soft, in the same time caramelized the onion in a separate pan, with olive oil. when its get soft enough put the fire of and wait for the potato.

When the Sweet potato is soft put in out of the pot and slice and dice it, then back into the pan of onion and start the fire again until the Sweet potato has a brown sears color to it.

Step 5: Cooking

After cutting the Pasta into strips, separate the stripes in a different Bowl then Pour it in boiling water. it may take a liitle more time to cook then normal paste. when its finish sift it.

Step 6: Finish

once the pasta is Cooked put it on the pan with the Sweet potato and onions and mix for about 5 minutes.

then put of the fire and wait a little. when its cool down a little put the two eggs inside until a creamy texture is reached.

and enjoy you meal!

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