Introduction: Homemade Ice Cream

Ever had a craving for ice cream on a hot summer day? Do you like to cook, or bake things? Then this is the perfect combination for you: making delicious ice cream at home quickly, with your friends, family, following a very simple recipe. And the best part is you don’t need an ice cream machine to make it. Follow these simple instructions and you will have the perfect summer pastime.

Step 1: Collecting All Materials


This is a very simple recipe that only requires 2 ingredients. It yields about 1 quart of ice cream. These ingredients are:

  • 1 can (13. oz.) evaporated milk, (with Vitamin D added)
  • 1 1/4 c powdered sugar

If the customary system does not apply to you, here are the conversions into the metric system.

  • Approx. 0.4 liters of evaporated milk/ condensed milk
  • Approx. 250 grams of powdered sugar
  • This recipe yields around 0.95 liters of ice cream

If you are unsure about or would like to recheck the conversions given here, there are multiple websites that can convert these measurements for you. An example of one of these websites is:


This recipe does not require a lot of materials besides the ingredients. The materials you need are:

  • A mixing bowl
  • A whisk --> if you have it you can also just use a mixer
  • Freezer

Step 2: Making the Ice Cream

Making the ice cream is as simple as the ingredients imply. Just follow these few steps and you will have delicious homemade ice cream.

Part 1: Prepare all ingredients and materials

Important: Milk must be chilled

Part 2: Follow these instructions

  1. Pour chilled milk into a large mixing bowl
  2. Whip the milk until it is fluffy. This should take around 40 seconds
  3. Add the powdered sugar: slowly pour it into the bowl and keep whipping until it is combined
  4. Add the powdered sugar, slowly pouring into the bowl and whip until combined.
  5. Optional step: add 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract and whip until it has combined
  6. Cool for an hour by putting the bowl in the freezer
  7. Take the bowl out of the freezer, whip substance for about a minute and then put it back in the freezer (this step can be repeated up to 4 times
  8. Put ice cream in a container with a lid and store it in the freezer

Step 3: Enjoy!

And that's it. You should have some nice ice cream now. If it doesn't taste good (which it might not), or anything didn't end up the way it is supposed to, here is the link to the original recipe, perhaps there are some differences.