Introduction: Homemade Macaroni & Cheese

Easy step-by-step guide to a delicious pan of homemade mac and cheese !

Step 1: What Do You Need?


16 ounce of elbow macaroni, 16 ounces of sour cream, 16 ounces of Velveeta cream, 1 bag of mild cheddar or sharp cheddar cheese (shredded), 1 tablespoon of mustard, a dash of sea salt

Step 2: Boil Your Water

Fill a large pot half full with water. Allow the water to begin to boil.

Step 3: Add the Elbows

Once the water begins to boil, pour in 16 ounces of elbow macaroni pasta.

Step 4: Stir... to an Al Dente!

After 5 mins, stir the macaroni. Continue to stir every 2 minutes to ensure the pasta does not stick. The pasta should cook until al dente, firm to bite. The macaroni should be doubled in size and not too soft or firm.

Step 5: Slice the Cheese (:

Begin slicing the Velveeta cheese into ½ inch slices. Continue to do this for the entire 16 ounces of cheese.

Then, cut the ½ inches into fourths, cutting the cheese into smaller pieces allows the cheese to melt faster when it is mixed in the macaroni.

Step 6: Bring Out the Colander and Rinse

Check the macaroni and make sure it is al dente. Once the macaroni is done, remove the pot from the flame and drain the pasta using a colander. Rinse the pasta with hot water.

Step 7: How Hot?

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Step 8: Mixing... Half Way Done !

Pour half of the pasta out of the colander into a medium sized mixing bowl and slowly add the pieces of Velveeta. Mix the cheese and macaroni together. Pour in the remainder of the macaroni and continue to add the cheese and stir. It’s essential to do this step while the macaroni is still steaming hot so the cheese will melt.

Step 9: 3 Key Ingredients.. and STIR

Once the cheese and macaroni are combined, add in the entire 16-ounce container of the sour cream. Mix in the sour cream with the macaroni and cheese. Add in a tablespoon of mustard and a dash of sea salt.

Stir for 3-5 minutes


Spray aluminum pan with nonstick canola oil.

Step 11: Aluminum Pans Are Much Easier !

Pour half of the macaroni and cheese mix into the disposable pan, covering the entire pan completely. Sprinkle half of the bag of mild cheddar cheese on top of the macaroni.

Step 12:

Add the second layer/remaining macaroni and cheese on top of the shredded cheese. Pour the last half of the shredded cheese on top of the macaroni.

Step 13: Wrap It Up!

Wrap the pan with aluminum foil, and bake in the oven for 15 minutes.

Step 14: COOL OFF

After 15 minutes of baking, remove the macaroni from the oven and allow it to cool for 10 minutes.

Step 15: All Done !