Introduction: Homemade Misting Fan/Super Soaker

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Summer is just around the corner. This project is like a 2-in-1 with a cooling fan and mister then turn the cap and it turns in to a combat ready super soaker that can shot up to 20 feet!Pretty cool isn't it!

Step 1: Collect Materials

You will need: a large spray bottle( I used a 32 oz. bottle) a 9v battery with clip, 4x AA batteries with holder, soldering iron with solder, alligator clip, some wire, hot glue gun, hot glue , PC cooling fan off a motherboard, tape(duct tape or masking tape), wire cutters and strippers and spray paint if desired.

Step 2: Prepare Everything

Cut the plastic adapter thingy at the end of the wires on the fan like in the picture. Then cut the white wire to leave only the red and black like in the picture. Then strip the ends of the remaining wire. Now shorten not cut off completely the neg. 9v wire one the pos. 4x AA pack wire( look at picture ). Then strip those wires.

Step 3: Solder the Connections

Solder together the 9v neg wire to the 4x AA battery pack pos lead. Please take the battery's out before soldering. After that solder the fans pos to the pos of your connected batteries(the pos of the 9v). Finally solder the neg fan wire to the alligator clip. Then rap the connections in tape to protect them from the water.

Step 4: Put It Together

Take the duct tape and tape the batteries together as shown in the pictures. Then rap the entire spray bottle in tape. Leave a small opening down the entire length of the bottle for a view inside to see how much water is left.then tape the battery pack to the bottle. Depending on how long your wire is determines the placement of the battery pack. Now tape down all the wires so that they are covered up except for the "switch" that is made by an alligator clip. Finally add the fan to the top by hot glueing it to the desired position on the top.

Step 5: Using

Don't be too rough with otherwise it might break. To shot long range twist the cap so that is half to three quarters of the way to the end. For a several feet shotgun type thing take the cap completely off. For pistol effect twist the cap a bit further than the mist setting. If you experiment and get different results post it in the comments. For a no fan pistol, use a 6oz travel spray bottle and use it to do close range combat. The cost of something like this at Walmart costs $5 for a misting fan that can only hold a few oz. and it costs $20-$30 for a nerf super soaker, so you have saved $25-$35. Hope you have fun with your new homemade mister fan/ super soaker and be safe. If you have any comments, post them. Thanks. (: