Introduction: Homemade Nutella-Hershey Poptart

Homemade Poptart

This is a delicious homemade poptart, I have been making this every time I’m hungry. It's a really simple ingredient poptart which has Nutella and Hershey’s chocolate, this desert is extremely easy and fast to make and it just can't taste wrong.


- Egg white

- White bread (whatever bread you would like)

- Nutella

- Hershey cookies n creme


- Oven

- Fork

Step 1: Preheat the Oven to 350 While Flattening Two Pieces of Bread. You Can Do This With Your Hands or a Rolling Pin. Two Breads With the Hand Until Is Plain and Smooth.

Step 2: Put the Nutella on One Side of the Bread, on Top of the Nutella Add Some Hershey Cookies N Creme on Top of It and Afterwards Put the Other Bread on Top of It As If It Was a Sandwich.

Step 3: Add Some Egg White on All the Sides on One Bread and Push It With the Fork Until It Sticks With and Looks Like a Poptart

Step 4: Place the Poptart on the Oven Until You See the Bread Toasting and the Chocolate Melts.

Step 5: All Done! Just Cut the Poptart in Half, Taste the Deliciousness

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