Introduction: Homemade Paper Mache Pinata

Step 1. Rip newspaper into about 1 inch strips.

Step 2. Blow up balloon with air and tie it.

Step 3. Mix 1 part water with 1 part flour. Whisking will help it to be more smooth. (If desired to use glue, use 2 parts water to 1 part glue)

Step 1: Beginning to Layer

Step 4. Dip one side of newspaper piece into flour mixture. Run fingers down the length of strip to remove excess liquid. Place strip on balloon.

Step 5. Repeat step four until covered going one direction (ex. horizontal, vertical, etc.) The strips should overlap just a little bit.

Step 6. Once balloon is covered going one direction, continue covering the balloon in the opposite direction. (If you started placing your strips going horizontally, now start placing them vertically.)

Step 2: Finished Layering

Step 7. Once finished layering and covering whole object, let dry. (Usually overnight for full dry effect)

Step 8. Once paper is dry, pop balloon and remove balloon from inside.

Step 9. Cut hole in paper in order to add candy into pinata. Fill with desired candy.

Step 3: Closing Pinata

Step 10. Once satisfied with filling pinata, use tape to cover hole.

Step 4: Optional

Step 11. (IF DESIRED) Use computer paper, ripped into strips, to cover pinata. It gives the pinata a more finished look if you are going to paint it. (Sometimes the writing from the newspaper shows through if you are painting pinata with a light color and don't cover with an extra layer of plain white paper.)

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Step 11. Prepare paint or other decorations.

Step 12. Paint pinata however you want. (I went with a pumpkin due to it being close to Halloween)

Step 13. Tie pinata with string, hang, then hit it with a bat until the candy comes out :)

Step 14. Enjoy candy!