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Introduction: Homemade Patina

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A patina is a paste sold in craft or art stores that can be used to give an old finish to things. It's used in painted wood to make it look more rustic and textured. When you are a crafter lover like me buying all the things you need can be very expensive. Today I'll show you how to make your own patina at home with things you probably already have.

Step 1: Material

Brown acrylic paint

Heavy hand cream


Plastic or wood stick

Step 2: Mix

Mix 1 teaspoon of the acrylic paint for every 10ml of hand cream. I just had a little left in this can so I just used a teaspoon of paint.

Use the stick to mix it together.

Step 3: Store It

You can either use it right away or keep it in a container. I've stored my homemade patina for months and it's still good. The hand cream containers like this work great as they are airtight.

Keep your crafter spirit up!

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