Introduction: Homemade Simple French Toast

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This recipe is very simple and easy to follow

Everyone is able to follow step by step with little effort!

Step 1: Materials / Ingredients


4 eggs (for 12 slices)

1tbs Vanilla Extract

1/2 cup milk

3tbs Cinnamon (optional but preferred by me & my family)


A large skillet

Maple Syrup


1 loaf of your choice bread

Step 2: Mix

In a large bowl crack four eggs in. Make sure there are no eggshells in the mix. Then pour milk into the bowl. Just eye how much to put in, once there is about 1/3 milk and 2/3 egg on the surface of the mixture. Add cinnamon. You can't add too much cinnamon unless you are actually trying to add too much. Then add your little bit of Vanilla Extract. Just wisk together the entire mixture until fully combined.

Step 3: Pre-heat

Adjust the heat of your stove to medium and let your pan heat. You will know that it is hot enough if you hold you hand about 7cm above the pan and you can feel heat. Then add a thin layer of butter to the pan.

Step 4: Begin Cooking

Place a piece of bread in your egg mixture and quickly flip it over in the mixture and place it in your pan. Do this quickly because the toast won't cook all the way through if gets the chance to soak.

Step 5: Cooking

Once you have placed you toast in the pan let it sit until it doesn't sizzle when you apply pressure with your spatula. Once at this point, flip the toast until you have the same effect on the other side.

Step 6: Serving Preparation

Place the french toast on the plate and add a bit of butter and drizzle some maple syrup on top. And your finished!

Step 7: ENJOY!

You don't need instructions for this part. . .