Introduction: Homemade Snow Sled

 In early 2010 it snowed in Alabama. School was canceled for the day and i knew what i had to do...
Make a sled!
You will need:
Drill, screws, 2x4s, a durable smooth material to slide on, rope

Step 1: Finding a Material

 My dad recently acquired these soap containers and we decided they would be perfect if we did a little surgery. cut the top and bottom off according to the width you want the sled. then make a vertical cut to lay the plastic out in one sheet. always remember to wear safety glasses!

Step 2: Making the Frame

 Make the frame just long enough to leave about 10 inches of plastic overhang on the front of the sled. Add cross pieces for support ( they make decent seats too). There were four people on here at once so i might add more cross supports. Counter sink screws in the side of the long 2x4s

Step 3: Attaching the Plastic Containers

 I had to stand on the plastic  to keep it flat. Just put screws in about every 8 inches and dont forget the cross pieces.

Step 4: Adding a Rope

I'm not sure if the rope adds any steering control but it sure does make a great handle. I used around 10 feet of rope.

So now you have a basic sled. Its flexible enough to take hills and dips well.