Introduction: Homemade Sound Maker & Shaker - Quick Craft for Kids

A simple toy to entertain a toddler. They can shake it, tap it on things, pretend it’s a drum or look through it by holding it towards light to see what you filled it with. You can choose just one thing to put in the plate or grab an assortment of things. This is a craft that your child can help to make in about 5 minutes and only requires supplies commonly found around the house.


2 disposable plates - plastic is the sturdiest
Duct tape
Objects to make sound - we used dry beans, dry rice, dry corn and uncooked spaghetti

Step 1: Let’s Make Some Noise!

1 - Put one plate flat on the counter.

2 - Now search for some disposable semi-safe and age appropriate items that you and your child think will make noise.

3 - Put the items in the plate that is on the counter.

4 - Now put your other plate on top to create a gap between the two plates.

Note - I added 3 extra pieces of tape running from the top to the bottom which might be completely unnecessary but I have a curious child that will want to get this opened.

5 - Next you are going to center your tape the best you can and wrap the tape all of the way around the outside perimeter of the plate.

Once taped closed the sound maker is ready for action!

- Please monitor kiddos with all items that aren’t age appropriate even if they seem inaccessible -

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