Introduction: Homemade Speaker

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Easy speaker to make and use at home!
Can be built with easy materials found around your home.
The Best part is it is completely made from waste found everywhere .
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Step 1: Get the Materials

It's pretty simple,all you need is:-

1.A strong neodymium magnet (get it from eBay or search in your home)

2.A spring or any bouncy spring-like thing.

3.An old and used CD which has no use.

4. Some copper to twine on a paper.

5.Some wires for connecting the speaker to the input source.

6.A used plastic bottle.

7.Some aluminum foil.

Step 2: Get the Copper Twined and Ready.

Take the Copper wire and roll it on any circular object.
Leave 4 to 6 cm of wire loose on both ends.

Step 3: Stick It to the CD

Stick the paper with the Copper wire to the CD and burn the ends to remove the insulation .

Step 4: Place the Magnets and Springs.

Stick the magnet in the centre and the springs around it forming a square.

Step 5: Place the CD on It.

Stick the CD with the Copper below and make sure the Copper doesn't touch the magnet.

Step 6: Add the Diaphragm.

Cut open the water bottle and stick the aluminum foil as shown in the pic.

Stick this Diaphragm to the top part of the CD.

Step 7: Wire It Up.

Take the Copper wire ends and using some wire connect it to your input - a phone,microphone or a CD player ( preferably the CD player as it has more power.)

Step 8: Enjoy the Speaker.

Get some loud music and enjoy the blast!

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