Introduction: Tech Bracelet

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This is one of the most simple bracelets to make and it's also Eye appealing!

You do not need any prior knowledge of electronic components as this instructable does not have electricity involved.

You can gift it to anyone on any occasion,let it be a birthday, anniversary or anything you can think of. This is an Awesome piece of Jewelry.

I made this for my mom to gift it to her on her birthday and she ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT !!!!

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Step 1: Gather the Materials

You don't need much of stuff to make the bracelet

1.Some electronic components
(IC,resistor, capacitor, LED,etc)
It does not depend on how
powerful or what the
components actually do.

2.Copper wire ( thin and un-braided)

3.A hook

Step 2: Picture the Design

Arrange the components in any order you like
Just make sure they have a central piece and is symmetrical.
You can use your imagination to create your own design and it's all up to you!

Step 3: Twine the Copper

Take ten times a wrist's length of copper and fold it evenly ten times to get a bunch of copper wire.

Repeat this step again with the same measurements to get two sets totally.

Step 4: Add the Central Attraction.

Keep the central IC in between the 2 copper bunches and attach both ends of the IC to the copper bunches on either side.

You can use any method to attach the piece . Soldering is the best method but I did not have power at the moment so I just Put the legs of the IC into the bunch and then twined the copper even more.

Step 5: Keep Adding.......

Continue adding the parts on either sides symmetrically to maintain the design.

Step 6: Add the Clasp

I took the hook from a pen drive and made the copper end into a small circle like thing to make the clasp.and then attached them on either sides

Step 7: Rough the Back and Finishing

Rough the back side with a sand paper and cut out any sharp edges sticking out.

Step 8: Flaunt About Your New Bracelet

Wear your style or gift it to someone.

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