Introduction: Homemade Strawberries Pie

Ingredients for the Shortbread crust

· 250 grams of flour

· 125 grams of butter

· 75 grams of white sugar

· 1 egg

· 1 pinch of salt (≈ 2 grams)

Ingredients for the Pastry cream

· ½ liter of milk

· 20 grams of vanilla flavor

· 60 grams of corn starch

· 120 grams of white sugar

· 5 egg yolk

General ingredients

· Between 500 grams and 1 kilo of strawberries

· 100 grams of black chocolate

Step 1: Step 2: the Recipe of the Shortbread Crust

(it’s not the shortbread crust but I recommend to start by washing the strawberry to give them enough time to dry)

1. Put the sugar (75 grams), the salt (2 grams) and the egg into a mixing bowl.

2. Whisk the blend until the egg be blanch and lightly foaming.

3. Add the flour and blend with hands until obtaining a sandy blend.

4. Add the butter cut in little pieces and blend it until obtaining a homogeneous ball of dough.

5. Wrap the dough into cling film and put it into the fridge for 1 hour.

Step 2: Step 3: Make the Pastry Cream

1. Whisk the 5 egg yolk with the sugar (120 grams) into a mixing bowl until the egg be blanch and lightly foaming.

2. Add the vanilla flavor and blend.

3. Add slowly (to avoid the risk of lump) the corn starch (60 grams) and blend.

4. Make the milk boil into a pan.

5. Pour slowly the boiling milk into the previous blend (5 egg yolk, 120 grams of sugar, 60 grams of corn starch) and stir at the same time (to prevent egg yolk being cooked).

6. When the blend is homogeneous, stir into a pan.

7. At low heat continuously whisk until it starts to boil.

8. Pour the pastry cream into a mixing bowl and cover directly at the surface of the cream with cling film (to avoid the surface does not dry).

9. Put it into the fridge until the cream is cold.

Step 3: Step 4: Cook the Dough

1. Take the dough out of the fridge and let it warm up a bit.

2. Butter the pie dish.

3. Preheat the oven at 200°C during 10 minutes then decrease the oven at 160°C.

4. Flour the work plan.

5. Roll the dough in circle.

6. Put the dough into the pie dish and cut the edge that exceed from the pie dish.

7. Prick with a fork the bottom of the dough (to avoid inflate during the cooking).

8. Cover the dough with backing paper and recover with uncooked beans.

9. Put in oven between 20 and 30 minutes and regularly check that the bottom does not burn.

10. When it’s cooked, take the pastry out of the oven and pull out all the beans and the cooking paper.

11. Let the pastry cool down.

Step 4: Step 5: Pie Assembly

1. In a pan melt the black chocolate (100 grams) at low heat.

2. Pour the chocolate on the pastry, use a brush to cover all the bottom of the pastry and let cool down. to keep the pastry crisp.

3. During this time cut the strawberries.

4. Spread the cold pastry cream on the pastry.

5. Arrange the slice of strawberries in circle on the pastry cream

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