Introduction: Homemade Tripod

About: My name is Alex and I like to do it all with my own hands. I'm fond of arduino and I like to invent different constructions on it.

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make a tripod that will help you improve the quality of your photos and videos.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Materials:

-Aluminum tube (15 mm)

-Aluminum tube (12 mm)

-Aluminum tube (10 mm)

-Aluminum tube (8 mm)

-Plastic bottle caps

-Bolts, washers and nuts(5 mm)

-Bolts, washers and nuts(7mm)

-Aluminum plate(10mm)

-Iron corner(60mm*60mm)

-Iron corner(15mm*30mm)

-–°amera mount

-Glue gun and other tools

Step 3: Cutting

It is necessary to cut pipes with a diameter of 15 mm, 12 mm and 8 mm into equal parts with a size of 23 cm. A pipe with a diameter of 10 mm should be cut into three equal sections of 2 cm each. From the aluminum plate you should cut 3 sections of 11 cm each. One of the sides of the corners (15mm * 30mm) need to be shortened to 15 mm.

Step 4: Work With Plastic Bottle Caps

In 5 covers you need to drill a hole of 16 mm. In one cover you need to drill a hole with a size of 6 mm. Then you need to glue 3 caps with holes of 16 mm size together with 3 covers without holes (detail a). You also need to glue two covers with a hole size of 16 mm (detail b) and a cover with a hole of 6 mm, together with a cover with a hole of 16 mm (detail c). In the details you need to drill a through hole of 5 mm.

Step 5: Work With Aluminum Plate

In the fragments of the aluminum plate need to drill holes. From the remaining piece of plate you need to bend it into such a detail.

Step 6: Tripod Head

In one of the corners you need to drill holes as shown in the photo. In the drilled holes you need to fix the corners (15mm * 30mm).In another corner, you need to cut a semicircle on one of the sides and fix the camera mount on the other side of it.

Step 7: Assembling

Detailed assembly shown in the video and in the photo

Step 8: Tripod Legs

The ends of pipes with dimensions of 15mm and 12mm must be hammered to reduce the diameter. To a tube of 8 mm you need to glue a piece of tube to 10 mm. To the opposite end of the tube 12 mm need to wrap electrical tape to increase the diameter. Then you need to connect everything in the likeness of a telescope.I made tripod legs from hot melt glue.

Step 9: End

As a result, we have such a tripod with a moving head and telescopic legs. If for you this tripod is small then you can increase the initial dimensions of the pipes.

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