Introduction: Homemade Water Filter

This water filter is one you can make when you are out in the woods and need clean water, well you can build this one as long as you have the materials.

Step 1: Gather Materials

1. Water Bottle-To gather all the materials inside it to make the water filter work

2. Gravel- To hold the bigger dirt and rocks

3. Fine or Course sand- To help hold dirt which passes through

4. Cotton - To clean out the dirt

5. 5 coffee filter - Helps to hold or filter the dirty dirt in the water

7. 2 Elastic Band-To hold the coffee filter tight

Step 2: Cut Out Bottle

Get a pop bottle and cut out the middle of it and flip it upside down into the bottom of the bottle

Step 3: Cloth Filter

Use an elastic and put it around the coffee filter around the cap of the bottle and make sure its tight

Step 4: Add Cotton

Put 2-3 cotton balls at the tip of the bottle

Step 5: Add Gravel

Get a handful of gravel then layer it on top of the cotton ball

Step 6: Filter It

Put another coffee filter on top of the gravel and make it as flat as you can

Step 7: Add Sand

Layer a handful of sand and layer it on top of the coffee filter

Step 8: Filter It Again

Put another coffee filter on top of the sand

Step 9: Add Gravel

Now this time you add two handfuls of gravel on top of the coffee filter

Step 10: Filter It

Put the coffee filter on top of the gravel

Step 11: Add Sand

Now put as much sand as you want

Step 12: Filter It for the Last Time

Put the coffee filter over top of the sand and make sure you use the elastic band to make it tight

Step 13: Now Start Filtering Your Dirty Water

Pour the dirty water into the bottle and watch it turn into clean water and then enjoy!