Honey and Cinnamon Facial

Introduction: Honey and Cinnamon Facial

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This is a great and natural way to get rid of face acne. So I hope you enjoy and give it a try!!!

Step 1: The Materials

You will need, honey, cinnamon, a spoon, a small bowl or glass, and some type of brush or whatever you want to use to spread the mixture on. I will be personaly ušnih a NEW (right out of the packaging) tooth brush.

Step 2: Mixing

First put about two teaspoons of cinnamon in the cup (pic 1). Then add three teaspoons of honey in the cup (pic 2). Then you stir till you get a paste (pic 3).

Step 3: Apply

Now put the mixture on your face (pic 1), and be carful not to get it Into your eyes( pic 2).

Step 4: Enjoy

Hope you enjoyed this and thx for reading it. Leave me a comment and plz favourite!!!

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    The Good Old Days
    The Good Old Days

    8 years ago

    No problem, and thx. Also it does smell amazing, makes me think of winter.

    I bet it smells amazing! I probably would have trouble resisting eating the mask. Thanks for sharing!