Introduction: Honey Toast

This is the honey toast from a little shop call "J Smile 51 Cafe" in Chicago. We close down this year.

But here is what we sell the most. This Honey Toast is not made with honey. It is just a name but it is sweet. But you like to add honey to this it totally delicious. You can use just about any soft white bread that is uncut. Get it from the local bakery so you can get it uncut or cut to about 1.5 inch thick.

What you need:

Uncut square bread.



ice cream


ice cream topping(lots)

What tools you use:



Step 1: Cut the Bread and Bake

Find a uncut loaf of square bread. It should be soft and big.

We have to cut the middle out and cut it into cubes about 1.5 inch. I cut cubes and heart shape. You can cut into any shape you like.

Then butter them and sprinkle sugar all 6 sides. If you like the sides of the bread, you can butter and sugar them also.

I put in my oven for 6 mins or until brown or toasted.

Step 2: Topping( Ice Cream, Fruits, Sauce)

Ice cream is the best over these worm and sweet toast.

And add a lot of hot chocolate sauce and whatever you like with your ice cream.

I also put fruits for my daily fruit count.

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