Introduction: Horse Shoe Axe Hanger

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I have a axe that has been laying on the dirt floor leaning against the wall of my shop for a long time. That changes today! I am going to take a old horse shoe and turn it into a hangar for my axe. This is a pretty simple project that you could do without a forge and anvil a cutting torch and something to hammer on will work but since I have a forge and anvil I'm going to use them.


horse shoe

Spray can of Matt clear coat
Angle grinder with wire brush
Drill press (any drill will do)

Step 1: Closing the Shoe

So the first thing we need to do is heat up the shoe. This hose shoe it a little wider than my axe handle so I take and hammer the side of the shoe to close it up just a little more to make it fit my axe.

Step 2: Bending the Tips

Next we need to bend the tips of the shoe into hooks that match the axe. So I heat the ends and get to work on my anvils horn, then to bend it a little steeper I use the shoulder of my anvil. After I shape both hooks I carefully check and make sure the axe fits just right then dunk the hooks in water.

Step 3: Drill a Hole

After it is cool I drill a hole into the middle of the shoe to hang it with.

Step 4: Cleaning It Up

Next I take a side grinder with a heavy wire brush and clean the axe hanger.

Step 5: Painting

To keep it from rusting I paint it with some rustoleum matt clear coat, you could use black or any other color you like but I love the look of bare metal.

Step 6: Hang Up Your Axe

And we are done! I think this project turned out great and it works and looks great! So I definitely think you should give this a try. If you would like to watch a video of me making this here is the link to the video-

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