Introduction: Hot Knife for Plastic Cutting!

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Probably, the EASIEST Instructable you'll ever see to make the most useful tool a DIYer could ever wish for! Sometimes "simple" is the answer....

Step 1: Get a New Soldering Tip!

Then take a hammer to the end of it until it's nice and flat.

Step 2: Screw It!

Back on your soldering iron!

Step 3: Cut Stuff!

Works amazingly well on any kind and thickness of plastic. Makes custom modding and DIYs a breeze. The best part is, you can switch back to your soldering tip when you're done cutting! 8D

Wasn't that easy? If you want to, feel free to check out the video that shows how much crap I went through to get to this! Watching this helps me keep coming up with these ideas... a blatant attempt to promote a video I admit ;)

But it's a pretty amusing example of how hard it can be to come up with a simple solution...