Introduction: Hot Mexican Corn and Beef Pan Recipe



500g ground meat

500g paprika

400g kidney beans

400g corn

350g sieved tomatoes

300g babycorn

250g onions

150g jalapeno slices

150g sour cream

salt, pepper & mexican spice mix

Step 1: Preparation

Cut the onions and paprika in pieces. Fry the ground meat in a hot pan and scatter salt, pepper & mexican spice mix to it. Add the onions stir it a few minutes and give the babycorn to it. Add the paprika and fry it a few minutes. Give the corn to it and scatter again salt, pepper & spice mix. Stir it a few minutes and add jalapeno slices and kidney beans. Stir it a few minutes.

Step 2: Finish

Give the sieved tomatoes to it and stir it together. Add the sour cream and let it cook 10 minutes then it is ready to serv. Enjoy with rice noodles or?

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