Introduction: Hot Pants Hanging Basket

About: I'm a gardener who loves design and hopes to encourage everyone to pick plants that are the best for pollinators.

This is a fun, recycled planter project that will brighten up a corner of your garden or balcony. It's not too complicated and will only take an hour or so.


What you'll need for this creative planter project;

  • 1 pair of hotpants or denim shorts, choose a bright colour that will contrast with your plants.
  • Strong thread in a colour to match your shorts
  • A plastic plant pot that roughly matches the waist circumference of your shorts
  • An awl to make holes in the cloth and plastic pot
  • 2 Metal split rings
  • Strong string or chain
  • Plants and potting compost

Step 1:

Take your plant pot which should have drainage holes, (make some if it doesn't) and place it in the middle of your shorts.

Step 2:

Line up the top of your pot and the top of the shorts. Make 2 holes through the fabric and pot with your awl. Make them 1 cm down from the top just behind the belt loops to hide the holes. You can heat the end of your awl over a candle to help it go through the plastic easily but of careful with the hot pointy tool if you do!

Step 3:

Next take your thread and put it through the holes you made. You need to secure the shorts fabric by tying thread loops so that the shorts sit just covering the top edge of the plastic pot. Make holes and insert thread like this in 3 or 4 positions around the waistband.

Step 4:

Take your awl again and make another hole through the waistband and plastic pot. Insert a metal split ring. Repeat this on the opposite side so you have 2 split rings in the sides of your planter so you can hang your groovy shorts up.

Step 5:

Now you can fill your plastic pot up with soil and plant 2 or 3 basket plants into it. It's best to choose plants that benefit pollinators if you want to attract bees! I used Sweet william, Signet marigold, Nasturtium and Dwarf sweet peas. You can also plant up the short pockets if you like. It's optional at this point to get feline approval of your efforts! Line the pockets with a small piece of basket liner and put in a little soil and one small plant. Just be aware that with small pockets the plants may dry out quicker there, so you will need to check them frequently.

All you have to do now is tie some strong string ( I used paracord), through the rings on the side of your planter and hang it up somewhere sunny. Don't forget to water and wait for your plants to thrive, flower and get the bees buzzing!