Introduction: Hot Wings

I love hot wings but I don't like them too hot and I also don't wanna spend big bucks going out to a restaurant. I bought a deep fryer because I wanted to make the best wings I could. It was a sound investment especially if you make your own wings a lot. Great for any occasion.

Step 1: Ingredients

There is not a perfect set of measurements for this receipt. You just use your eye and add as needed. BUT there are things you need.
-Hill country fair Younger Chicken wing drummettes
-all purpose flour
-Franks Hot sauce
-garlic powder
-peanut, or olive oil.
-white vinegar

Step 2: Clean Chicken

Take out chicken. First thing you do is clean the chicken. Get a bowl and wash the drummettes. You wanna keep the Legs damp for when you put on the flour.

Step 3: Next

Next you are gonna want to put flour a dash of paprika and a sprinkle of garlic power into a bowl. There is no exact measurement. Put in what you want. It depends on how many you want to make. You are going to want enough to powder each breast. Not too much, just enough to cover the skin.

Step 4: Deep Fry.

Next you are going to want to deep fry, you can also fill a skillet with oil and cook that way. Deep fryer is cleaner and a better cook. I use peanut oil but you can ales use olive oil. Your preference.
Whatever you do cook it at 375*F or above. Let them cook until golden brown.

Step 5: Hot Sauce Preparation

While the chicken fries you want to get the sauce ready. For this you need
-Franks hot sauce
-white vinegar
Heat up a pan at low. You are not yet trying to cook, just melt the butter and heat up the sauce and vinegar.
First add the butter, wait until it melts then add the sauce( the amount depends on how spicy and how many wings you are cooking with. Add a tad bit of vinegar.

FAQ: Why butter? The franks sauce has a tad bit of a salty taste to it the butter dilutes the sauce and spreads it better on the chicken.
Why vinegar? It depends on how hot you want the legs. Vinegar helps dilute the legs so they aren't to spicy. Add it as necessary.

Step 6: Mix Sauce

When the chicken has turned golden brown remove from fryer or skillet.
Bring the skillet with the sauce to medium/high as it boils stir it. After a few seconds after it begins to boil put in wings, flip the wings. The sauce will cook into the skin. Let them cook in. You will see and know when they are ready. After that pull them off.

Step 7: Eat.

The Chicken legs are ready. Eat them to your hearts desire!