Introduction: Hotel Artic Igloo Eggless Chocolate Cake

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For annual baking challenge, this year i just want to try different theme cake, After deep thinking i have chosen to bake snow artic igloo hotel concept cake.Basically i live in Finland and I have been to Lapland to get awesome experience at snow hotel and it was fabulous so i just want to create same as like that.I want to share detailed recipe of mine snow hotel artic igloo chocolate cake right below,please check out

Step 1: Ingredients:

For egg-less chocolate base:

All purpose flour

coco powder

Baking soda

Lemon juice

Melted butter

Vanilla essence



Cold water

For Cream:

Whipping cream

Whipped cream

Powdered sugar

Vanilla essence

For Penguins and cake cover:

White sugar fondant

Black fondant

Step 2: Wet and Dry Ingredients:

1. Sieve the all purpose flour/maida to the required dry bowl.

2. Add 4 tbsp of cocoa powder and sieve it well.

3. Add 1/2 tsp of baking soda and sieve it well.

4. Mix all the dry ingredients and kept it aside for few mins.

5. Now its time to make wet ingredients, Add 3/4 cup of sugar and a pinch of salt.

6. Add 1 cup of cold water.

7. Add 1 tsp of lemon juice.

8. Add 1/4 cup of melted butter.

9. Add 1/2 tsp of vanilla essence.

10. whisk it well altogether, Until well combined.

Step 3: Cake Batter:

1. Gently add wet ingredients to the dry ingredients, Make sure there is no lumps

2. Cake batter is ready

3. Now its ready to pour to the baking cup.

Step 4: Filling Batter:

1. I have taken aluminium steel bowl to get that dome shape and round shape baking tray.

2. Grease them well with butter.

3. Sprinkle some flour, in-order to avoid sticking to the trays.

4. Pour the cake batter to the two bowls.

5. Tap them well on the floor.

6. Now its ready to bake.

Step 5: Baking:

1. Pre heat oven 180 deg c for 10 mins

2. Place the baking bowl and trays in the oven.

3. Bake it for 60 mins


Step 6: Cake Base:

1. Both dome and round cakes base are ready

2. Mine round baking tray is quite big so i trimmed extra edges with the help of knife to get the same size of dome size cake.

Step 7: Whipped Cream:

1. Take a bowl, add whipped cream or heavy cream.

2. Add 4 tbsp of powdered sugar.

3. Beat it well with electric beater.

4. Until it reaches soft peaks.

Step 8: Whipping Cream:

1. Take a bowl,add whipping cream.

2. Add 4 Tsp of powdered sugar.

3. Beat it well with electric hand whisk,until it reaches soft peaks.

Step 9: Mix Whipped and Whipping Cream:

1. Add whipped cream to whipping cream.

2. Gently fold them well.

3. Cake cream is ready.

Step 10: Transfer to Pipping Bag:

1. Transfer cream to the required pipping bag.

Step 11: Layer the Cake:

1. Now cut the dome size cake into half.

2. Three layers of cake is ready.

3. Place the first layer, to moist the cake brush some sugar syrup to the 1st layer of cake.

4. Now pipe some cream over the first layer.

5. Place the second layer, brush some sugar syrup to the second layer.

6. Apply cream over the second layer.

7. Place the final dome sized layer cake, pipe cream over the top and also cover the cake.

8. Using required spatula remove the excess cream.

Step 12: To Make Doughnut Entrance:

1. Take 1 any flavored small size doughnut.

2. Place cream to the one size inorder to stick to the dome layer cake.

3. Gently press it over the cake.

4. Cover with cream all over the entrance.

5. Finally get that look of igloo shaped cake.

Step 13: Sugar Fondant Layer:

1. Place white sugar fondant over the counter top.

2. Using hand,gently fold them twice or until get a soft sugar fondant.

3.Now sprinkle some icing sugar over the fondant.

4. Roll them into thin layer.

5. Place the sugar fondant layer over the cake.

6. Now gently fold over the cake using hand and trim the extra edges.

Step 14: Dome Design :

1. Now its time to design the outside sugar fondant.

2. Take a knife, to create that box shape as i shown in the diagram.

Step 15: Penguins:

1. Now take a small size ball of black sugar fondant

2. Roll them well. To make the balls smooth press firmly between your palms, this will eliminate any cracks

3. Now get the shape like upper portion is small and lower portion is big as i shown in the picture.which is looks like 1:2 portion.

4. Now take a scissor,gently cut the both side to get the flipper of penguins.

5. With the help of fingers,gently tap the flipper.

6. Do the same procedure to both the sides.

7. Take a small size of white sugar, gently roll between your palms and tap a little bit.

8. Place it gently at front portion of penguin.

9. For eyes,take a very small amount of white sugar fondant roll them in order to get a round shape.

10. Place it at the two sides.

11. For eye ball, take a very mini size of black size fondant roll them well and place it inside of white color fondant.

12. Now penguin are ready.

13. Do repeat the process to get the number of penguins.

Step 16: Place the Penguins:

1. Place the penguins wherever you want.

2. Here i have placed at outer sides of my snow artic hotel.

Step 17: Coloring-artic Snow Hotel:

1. Take sky blue food gel color.

2. Color at the outside of the box using small brush.

3. And also color entrance.

Step 18: Snow Balls:

1. To make a snow balls, take a small size white sugar fondant roll them into a round ball shape.

2. Place it wherever you want.

3. I have place it at top of the snow hotel and also at the sides.

4. Finally!!!!! igloo snow artic hotel chocolate cake is ready.

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