Introduction: Hotel Keychains

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This project has been made for one of my friends' hotel. They need keychains something natural looking and I've made these for them.


You need

  • some wooden logs
  • wooden numbers from 1 to 24 or whatever you desire
  • wood glue
  • varnish

Step 1:

I’ve prepared the wooden logs as small and circular as far as possible. Then sanded them. The actual diameter of a log is about 40 milimeters.

Step 2:

I’ve prepared the numbers from 1 to 24 as they will be the indicators of rooms. This step can be done by a jigsaw, a band saw or a scroll saw. Or, you can get it done by a laser cutter or CNC router. Then time to paint them black.

Step 3:

After the paint dries, now it’s time to use wood adhesive. I’ve sanded the faces that I use glue on again and then applied a thin coat of glue and finally clamped the logs and the numbers together.

Step 4:

After waiting overnight, the next step is drilling a hole on top of the logs for the rings. This time we’re going to drill holes only, not going to attach the rings.

Step 5:

After holes are done, it’s time to varnish. I’ve used synthetic varnish twice because I want these keychains to have long lives. Thinking about a commercial place like a hotel, they will be used by many people even a day. Anyway, I prefer natural wood polish normally but this project is kind of heavy duty itself. They need to be durable to the max. After waiting at least 24 hours between the two coats of synthetic varnish, the surface all the way around looks pretty strong.

Step 6:

Varnishing has been done. What’s next? Placing the rings to the holes we’ve drilled at one of the earlier steps. You have to do that carefully because you don’t want rings to loose their forms. This is the final step. Here we have the natural looking commercial keychains. Hope you find this instructable helpful.