Introduction: Mini Bookcase

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This mini bookcase is great for desktop decoration.


  • 4 pieces of wood
  • 2 triangular pieces of wood for the legs
  • wood glue
  • brad nailers
  • mitre saw
  • any kind of saws (circular saw, table saw, jigsaw, scroll saw, band saw...)

Step 1:

I have cut 4 pieces.


  • Base piece: 200 milimeters width, 100 milimeters depth and 18 milimeters thickness
  • Side pieces: 150 milimeters width, 100 milimeters depth and 18 milimeters thickness
  • Back piece: Exactly to cover the back side of the bookcase. In my case, its width is about 200 milimeters and the height is about 218 milimeters.

Step 2:

After pieces are cut, we have to assemble them. For this step, I’ve used wood glue and brad nailers. The mark of the nails at side pieces are not important because the legs will cover them up later. For joining two pieces together in order to form 90 degrees, it may be very useful to have a corner clamp jig or something.

Then I’ve sanded the whole piece.

Step 3:

After sanding, I’ve cut the legs. There aren’t any pictures of the cutting step unfortunately but I can tell you how to do that. You can use a circular saw (which may be difficult to do these legs with it), a table saw, a jig saw, a band saw or a scroll saw. I’ve used my temporary fix which is an inverted jigsaw. The legs have the shape of a triangle.

Step 4:

After legs are done, now it’s time to attach these legs to the bookcase. I’ve used some wooden spacers to set the bookcase a little higher than the ground. Then carefully attach the legs by appyling wood glue. Legs have to touch the ground. This step may be done in an easier way if you do clamping one leg at a time.

Step 5:

After the glue dries, the bookcase is almost finished. I’ve used flaxseed oil and french polish for varnishing step. After waiting overnight for drying, the project is done and the product is ready to be used. I hope you find this instructable useful.