Introduction: Hourglass Shape Flashing LED DIY Kits

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In this project ICStation will show you how to create a funny Hourglass Shaped Flashing LED DIY Kits. It consists of 57pcs 5mm LED diodes, the top LED diode lights will drop down, and the bottom LED diode lights will heap up, when reach the time, press the button again, it will repeat this process in the opposite direction with lots of fun. Let's get started!

Step 1: Watch the Video

The video give you a basic understanding on how to create the funny Hourglass Shape Flashing LED. In the next steps, Icstation will give you additional information to make this project simpler to recreate.

Step 2: Product Introduction

The suite adopts 1.6mm double layer PCB, and the circuit consists of 57 pieces LED. Under the control of MCU program, it displays analog hourglass image. The micro switch can adjust the speed of hourglass, the bright LED quantity at the same time is 28, and it can be used as decoration of small night light. 0.5W power consumption.

1>.Board Size:84*40mm 2>.Power Supply Voltage:5V

Step 3: Principle Explanation

The circuit consists of 57 3mm white hair blue LED composition of the hourglass pattern.In the control of the microcontroller, showing the effect of simulated hourglass.S1 is power switch,USB(Do not include in kits) and DC1(3mm power socket) are all power input interface,you can use any of them.ISP is the program download interface.Controller is SC15W201S with code (NOTE:Do not update the code inside arbitrarily,the internal code is not shared).If user can right code, user can update code by ISP interface.Switch S2 can control the speed of hourglass.

Step 4: Schematic

Here you can find the schematic of the control circuit for your reference.

Step 5: Component Listing

NOTE: Users can complete the installation by PCB silk screen and component listing.

Step 6: Component Description

1>.57pcs 3mm LED
2>.1pcs Toggle Switches
3>.1pcs Button
4>.1pcs DIP-16 IC Socket
5>.1pcs DIP-16 STC15W201S
6>.1pcs Power Socket
7>.1pcs 4P Male Pin
8>.1pcs PCB

Step 7: Installation Steps

Here you can find the pictures of my installation steps for your reference.

Step 8: Effect Demonstration

You did it! Now you have created your own funny Hourglass Shape LED Flashing Lights

Thanks for your watching, hope you will like this funny kit.