Introduction: House on the Mountain Using Water Colour Painting

House on the mountain; using water colour painting.

Step 1:

Wet the paper initially and apply Prussian blue for sky and our green by mixing with sap green and lemon yellow.

Step 2:

apply dark green for the bush by mixing sap green with Prussian blue. Also apply green for the leafs of tree and apply lemon yellow for lighter areas.

Step 3:

paint the colour for the house. Apply dark colour in the darker area depending on the light.

Step 4:

Give details for the house. Such as brick work and roof of the house. Doors and windows are also painted. Paint little shadow on the ground.

Step 5:

paint the branches of tree. And complete the painting with final touch.

Step 6:

work is complete.....!!.... House on the mountain.....

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