Introduction: Household Relay Connected to Arduino

Finding the right relay may be troublesome and if chosen incorrectly can cause mishaps. Using an extension bar as a substitute to a relay is safer but must still be used under caution due to the use of high voltage. In this instructable we will use commonly used household materials to create a household relay connecting to an arduino.

You will need:
servo motor
extension bar with switch
long pieces of material (wood, metal..)
block of wood
elastic band
glue gun

*Disclaimer: Due to the involvement of high voltage I am not responsible for misuse or injury from this guide.

Step 1: Build First Structure

This is a very easy setup all you need is a block of material such as wood and glue gun it to the back of an extension bar

Step 2: Build Second Structure

Attach 2 long piece of wood with string at each end. the smaller length piece of wood is then attached to the servo motor.

Step 3: Last Build

Last step is to put both step 1 and 2 together using an elastic band. and the long piece of wood is glued to the switch of the extension bar

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