Introduction: How to Prepare for a Towson University Writing Center Session


The Towson University Writing Center is located in the Liberal Arts Building, Rm. 5330. We provide individual writing support to all members of the Towson community, including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff. 

We work with writers at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to polishing your final draft. Tutors will assist you with any type of written document, whether that is a research paper, a short story, a personal statement, or a cover letter. Your tutor will help you develop and organize your thoughts, create a strong focus, and communicate your ideas more clearly.

Use the steps here to prepare for your next Towson Writing Center session.

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Step 1: When Should I Schedule My Session?

  1. Schedule an appointment time at least a day or two in advance to guarantee that a tutor will be available to work with you

  • Appointments are available at the Writing Center Mon-Thurs 9 AM to 7 PM and Fri 9 AM to 4 PM
    • Call 410.704.3426 or stop by the Liberal Arts Building, Rm 5330
  • Additional appointments are available at the Cook Library Reference Desk Mon-Thurs 6 PM to 9 PM and Sun 3 PM to 9 PM
    • Call 410.704.2462 or stop by the Reference Desk, 3rd (main) floor of Cook Library

Note: We accept walk-ins when possible, but since most of our sessions fill up each day, we recommend scheduling an appointment

Step 2: What Should I Do Before My Session?

  1. Double check your appointment time
  2. Call us if you are running late or need to cancel your appointment
    • Main Writing Center: 410.704.3426
    • Library Reference Desk: 410.704.2462

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Step 3: What Should I Bring to My Session?

**Hard copies of all typed documents are best**

Step 4: What Should I Do When I Arrive for My Session?

I scheduled an appointment:
  1. Come up to the reception desk to tell us your name and appointment time
  2. Your tutor will greet you and take you back to our work area

I did not schedule an appointment:
  1. Come up to the reception desk to tell us that you are a walk-in 
  2. Our receptionist will check the schedule for any available openings

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Step 5: What Should I Do During My Session?

At the beginning:
  1. Get comfortable and relax
  2. Give your tutor a brief overview of the assignment

After your brief overview:
  1. Tell your tutor about your main concerns or struggles
  2. Help your tutor understand your goals for this assignment

After you establish your goals:
  1. Take notes on your tutor's suggestions and feedback
  2. Ask questions and clarify anything you may not understand

At the end:
  1. Recap your session with your tutor

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Step 6: What Should I Do After My Session?

  1. Fill out the electronic survey questionnaire (your tutor will help you with this step)
  2. Ask your tutor for a blue slip, if your teacher wants proof of your visit
  3. Schedule any follow-up sessions ASAP
  4. Ask your tutor to give you the days and times he/she works, if you want to continue working with the same tutor
  5. Use your tutor's feedback to revise your work

Happy writing! 

Visit us at for more information about our staff, services, resources, and FAQs.

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