Introduction: How I Fix My Dead Laptop of Over Two Years

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Have dumb this gateway NE522 laptop in my drawer for about two years probably because have got another to use, so when I saw this contest I know its worth fixing it and sharing all the repair processes am going to make it so easy so u can fix yours also. Also am going to be living a link on each step to watch as videos.


* MOSFET/transistor and diode
I got mine from local store.

* hot air gun and soldering paste
*tweezer, screw driver,
You can get them in local store.

Step 1: Removing the Touchpad Assembly

* I remove all the screws at the bottom of the laptop,at the under cover and also from the battery compartment as shown in the image
* I separate the bottom panel from the touchpad assembly by inserting a plastic opening tool BTW them.
***note you can check your user manual on how to dismantle your own type of laptop however this process works for most.

Step 2: Separating the Connecting Wires and Belt

* I took an extra care in removing all the belts and adjoining wires from the port using tweezer in order to completely separate touchpad assembly from below assembly.

Step 3: Removing the Mother Board

* I remove all the five screws and connected wires on the motherboard which include the (LCD screen flex,and the hard drive ) and lift it up.

Step 4: Inspection and Diagnosing

* I did a physical inspection and notice a blown off transistor/ MOSFET this signal why the laptop is dead. You can test a failed one by yourself pls watch on the link

Step 5: Replacing the Mosfet

* using hot air gun and soldering paste
* clean the area with soft brush to remove dirt
*apply soldering paste on the area u are working
* grap the hot air gun there is two knob attached to it airflow and temperature adjust to your need
*when uve got your settings, carefully aimed the nozzle at d area back and forth until the solder begins to flow,carefully remove/ reposition the MOSFET by grabbing or nudging it with tweezer
* be sure to clean the board with methylated spirit to clean the board, watch on YouTube
**note be careful with hot air gun and work on heat resistant materials.

Step 6: Testing

* I couple every thing and connected my charger thank Jehovah it brings out the charging light but its not powering on at least weve resurrect it ,* so I remove the motherboard again.

Step 7: Testing the Diodes for Shorts/failed

I started testing the diodes so I noticed a failed one, Pls click the link to watch how diode can be tested with your multimeter I just removed it since its a parallel connection which means there are more than one deploy to do the same work but you can replace it using the method on step 5.

Step 8: Coupling and Testing.

I couple everything and tested it ,it work and that is how I brought the dead laptop of over two years back to life thank u for stopping to see my instructable.

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