Introduction: Make Your Slippers Out of Used Tire

1,old car/trailer tyre 2 shoe nails
1, sharp knife &blade2 scissors 3 taperule(inches) 4 hammer .


1 used car/trailer tyre
1 sharp knife & blade 2 shoe nails 3 hammer 4 tape rule (inches).

Step 1: Measuring

Step1 measure your foot size ,measuring from the big tumb to the back foot, my foot measures 10inches with addition of an inches so I will be using 11inches as official measurement for this project as shown in the pics

Step 2: Cutting Out

I use a ready made sole as a template for cutting out the new sole with my measurement,next I cut out a very flat long strip then cut a v like shape out of it this will be the top part of the slippers ,next I cut a thin strip of half inche wide& 5inch long this will serve as a grip BTW the big toe.

Step 3: Assembly

I made a deep slant vertical cut(1inch)on both sides of the sole & one horizontal cut in front, next I inserted the v shape strip cut in the vertical spaces & nail it down with shoe nail,next I punch a hole at the center of the v strip and inserted the 5 inch strip I inserted the end in the horizontal cut and nail it down, I wrap the order end on the v strip with a colourful thick leather and pin it down this will serve as stopage.

Step 4: Your Slippers Is Ready to Wear

Step 5:

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