Introduction: How I Made Cycling Desk in 5 Minutes

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Today I made this cycling desk pedals using a simple modification.

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Step 1: Cycling Desk

Cycling desk is brilliant idea to spend your time in front of your desk.

Instead of sitting without any action for long hours, cycling pedals give you the chance to train your legs and joints under the desk without going away from your desk and your computer.

If you have to spend long hours sitting in front of your desk then this cycling pedals is the best solution for you. I liked the idea of cycling desk pedals and standing desk and wanted to imitate them.

Step 2: Make Your Own Cycling Desk

I got this cycling bike trainer and tried to use it in a better way.

I got this bike and wanted to use it better than its usual usage.

Simply I put this arrangement to make that cycling desk.

Put the bike trainer in a suitable place.

Then bring the other parts of the desk.

I used this table to make leverage for my elevated desk.

Then I put that wooden ladder to make the desk.

Then I put the laptop on the wooden ladder to support it.

Now you have a nice cycling desk you can use safely as your productive environment.

The bike trainer is completely fitted under the desk.

This makes it a nice cycling desk as you can see in the video.

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