Introduction: How I Made Kalimba

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I had seen  That some people make homemade kalimbas aka thumb pianos.
I decided to make some kalimbas.

Step 1: How I Started to Make

First someone in family drunk tea. There I got tin can. Then I cut aluminum rods and one bigger rod.
I drilled holes on can, rods and bolted rods on can.  

Step 2:

Next I tested keys for my kalimba. Hair clips was too  thick and didn't sound good.
Metal saw blade braked under tension. I found laying a round some mini hands saw blades.
Saw blades sounded best.

Step 3:

I wanted to make kalimba for my 5 years old brother for birthday . I started to make new one. I find little oval tin can.
I realized that I need to make saw blades safe for kids. I Removed  blade grains and sanded smoother edges. 

Step 4:

First one was 1 day work . Another one was again 1 day work.
Tools I used
1.Metal saw
2.The Awl
4.Metal file
6.Small clamp vise
Things I used
1.Tin cans
2.Aluminum rods
3.Bolts and nuts
4.Butterfly nut
5.Mini saw blades
Finally I used guitar tuner to tune kalimba tins.
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