Introduction: How to Abigail-iffy Your Earbuds

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I know most of you are probably not Abigail's but in my opinion we are a pretty cool breed of geek. This is how I geek-iffied my earbuds. :]

Step 1: Loose Four Sharpies in Your Book Bag While Listening to Green Day

Because I'm just SO good at keeping up with things I lost four Sharpies in a book bag. The same book bag that grew a small dog apparently.

Step 2: Earbuds!!!!!

Next find your earbuds. Mine are white and like most earbuds go into your ear. (I also lost these in my book bag). :P

Step 3: Fandom Time!!!

I'm doing Hollow Fields which is a really good manga. It's a little creepy but hey those are the best right?!

Step 4: Start the Art!!

I'm doing gears on the earbuds because they have a lot to do with Hollow Fields.

Step 5: Continue the Art!!!

The main character, a nine year old girl named Lucy Snow, really likes dinosaurs. She has a stuffed dinosaur named Dino. I'm going to put him on the other earbud.

Step 6: Start Finishing the Art!!!

I'm putting more gears on the triangular part of the headphones that moves up and down.

Step 7: Finish Finishing the Art!!!

Now pick your favorite color Sharpie and color the plastic around the plug. I like black and red.

Step 8: DONE!!!!!!!

Rock out to your favorite band or bands!!! I listen to Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Green Day, Cloud Cult, Evanescence, Three Days Grace, Paramore, Chameleon Circuit, etc.