Introduction: How to Add

In this Instructable I will be teaching all of you who fell asleep in kindergarten math, how to add.

Adding is the most basic form of mathematics, it simply involves combining two or more numbers together.

Step 1: Getting Started

To more easily show the idea of adding, we can start with pictures.

If I have 2 turtles, and then, I find 3 more turtles on the side of the road, how many turtles do I have now?

Thanks to Addition, This problem is easily solved!

Step 2: Adding With Multiple Digits

Now, Without pictures, you have to add 2 numbers with multiple digits.

One thing to remember is to always line up the ones place with the other numbers.

In example one, all you need to do is add the numbers that are horizontally lined up together to get your product.

In example two, when you get numbers that together equal over ten, the tens place digit carries over into the next line of digits, or the decimal place.

Step 3: Adding With Decimals

Say, in a recipe, you need 1 and 1 half ounces of sugar, you also need 1 and 1 fourth ounce baking powder, and you want to know what there combined weight is.. Adding has the answer.

1 and a half is equivalent to 1.5
and 1 and 1 fourth is equivalent to 1.25

lining up the decimals, you add just like it was a whole number.
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