How to Add Multiple Pictures to Pintrest.

Introduction: How to Add Multiple Pictures to Pintrest.

About: I'm interested in primitive skills and homeless urban skills.

Here I'll show you how to add multiple pictures to one pin on Pintrest. It's easy! Just follow these few steps. Lets go!

Step 1: Download Photo Collage (iOS 6.12+)

I'm using iOS 6.12. So if your using android then any picture collage app will work. The idea is to combine separate pictures to make one.

Step 2: Chose Your Pictures

***I'm sorry about the clarity of these pictures. I copied them from screen shots from youtube. I'm into primitive traps. So these pictures will be my topic of choice.

Step 3: Open Photo Collage and Combine Pictures

Now this is the part of this tutorial that will vary from phone to phone. I'm using iOS 6.12. After you chose your subject. Combine your pictures.
Now for me, I chose two examples of the same type of trap but taken from two different angles.

Step 4: Add Your New Picture to Pintrest

I don't know why but Pintrest will only allow you to add 1 picture per pin. If you don't know, "a pin" is a folder in which a specific topic is made. Ex. "Traps and Snares".
To get around this, now add your new picture to your account. Now add a brief description and chose your pin. Once you pick the pinned topic, your new picture will show up as the combined picture.
I hope you've learned something today. I did! Peace! :)

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    7 years ago

    The grey line is a string tied across the two sides. In the middle, pink arrow, is a toggle with a notch cut in it.
    At the bottom is a twisted rope, which provides the spring action. To set it you lift up the net part, swing the latch stick over the top, which is sharpened to flat point. Then you raise the toggle and interlock the latch into the toggle. Then you bait it. :)