Introduction: How To: Bake Mini Christmas Cheesecakes

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Synopsis: I hope you're enjoying the HOLIDAY season! Let's make it even sweeter with mini CHRISTMAS cheesecakes! Simple but delectable recipe!



You are going to need:

-2 sticks of cream cheese


-2 eggs

-Vanilla extract

-Nilla Wafers

-Canned cherries

-Small bowl (for cherries)

-Measuring cups (3/4 cup)

-1 teaspoon -Larger bowl (for entire mixture)

-Cupcake pan

-Festive cupcake liners

-Electric hand mixer

1. Line your cupcake pan with liners.

2. Place a nilla wafer on the bottom of each liner.

3. Add 2 sticks of cream cheese to the larger bowl.

4. Add 3/4 cup of sugar.

5. And 2 eggs.

6. Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

7. With your mixer, blend everything together until smooth.

8. Spoon the mixture into each cupcake liner.

9. Bake at 375° F for 15 minutes.

10. Let them cool and scoop some cherries on top.

11. Refrigerate them for at least 1 hour!

One of the best things about this dessert is really doesn’t take a long time to make. Super convenient and Christmas-y!

Until next time loves! XO!

-TrendingSeasons (Amanda)