Introduction: How to Be a Talent on Eagle News

Being a talent on your school news program is a lot of fun but a lot of hard work. Everything must be done correctly for it to all work. Here is how to do it so you can do it at your school.

Step 1: Setting Up

You Must wear an eagle news shirt or a shirt that supports a sharon high school sports team.
If you are talent one you are on the right side of the table and if you are talent two you sit on the left side of the table. Put the microphone under your shirt and pull it up to the top. then take it out and connect it to the shirt in between the buttons or where buttons would be if you’re in a sport jersey. make sure the chairs are in a formation of a “V” so each Talent is facing the camera opposite of them.

Step 2: Rehearsals

Rehearsals will usually starts around 20 minutes before the live show. Wait for everyone to get in their positions and watch the cameramen for the countdown which starts from 5 and goes down to 1 and then read the news.

Step 3: Live TV (opening)

After the countdown and you are on the tv talent one says “hi im … here with … today is day…month/day/year. Talent One says “please pause for a moment of silence reflection”. After 10 seconds of silence talent 2 says “please stand and join with me in the pledge of allegiance” then continue to say it. 

Step 4: Live TV (News)

After Talent Two ends the pledge they say “Now here is … with …”.Once it is turned over to Talent One they start reading the news off of the teleprompter opposite of them. Once it is the end of that topic Talent One says “Now here is … with …”. After each topic you go back and forth with the other talent until the end of the news. All the news is Provided from faculty, staff, and students who email the Teacher who is in charge of the news and tells him/her what to put into the teloprompter.

Step 5: Live TV (closing)

After all the announcements are said talent one will say “Thats it for eagle news”. Once Talent one does there ending talent two says “have a great day sharon high”. It will then end with  a picture of the school.

Step 6: After News

The first thing to do it take off the microphone then turn it off and put it away in the case which is placed on your lap.Take off the shirt given and fold it up and put it back in the box that you took it from near the cameras. Before you leave the scene all lights must be turned off by the talents. Thank each person that helped put together the news and made it work so you were able to do your job.

Step 7: Watch

During the class you will re-watch the news so you can see how you did. After re-watching it think about what you could do better and share it with the class such as more eye contact, less monotone, and no laughter.