Introduction: How to Be a "defensive" Engineer in Team Fortress 2

If you have just started in the world of team fortress 2, this instructable will help you start out as a "defensive" engineer.

Step 1: First, the Items

These are practically the items you need in order to actually play team fortress 2, you will need:

1. A good computer that can run games (there is also ps3 and Xbox, but I would recommend PC)

2. A Steam account (since team fortress 2 is free through steam)

3. (This is recommended, but is not required) a mouse

4. Then the actual game itself

Step 2: Open the Game

This step is pretty simple, but just in case... Also if you already own the game, you can skip this step and go onto the next one.

1. Go into steam store, and type into the search team fortress 2.

2. Then you will "buy it"(even though it's free) and download it to your computer.

3. There are two ways you can open the game, first is through the desktop, which you simply double click ( it may take awhile to update, considering that it is a big file and updates every so often), the second way is to go into steam, go into your library (towards the top you will see four highlighted words, if you are going left to right, it is the second one) and you will see team fortress 2 on the left, you can double click the name or go an inch to the right and there will be (in blue) a button that says play, and you click it.

Step 3: Run the Game

Once you have clicked to enter team fortress 2, you will get a little message from steam saying that it is loading, then your screen will go into a full screen game to where (this part can be loud, so watch your ears if you are wearing headphones!) it will pull up a guy turned around with a valve on the back of his head and in the picture, it says valve. After that part is done it will say "made by source" then you will be on the title screen!

Step 4: Into a Game

Now that the game has finally loaded, you will want to click the one that is highlighted ( unless you want to take the tutorial, which will explain four of the nine classes, one going over the weapons of the engineer, so I would recommend clicking the training right under "play co-op", though it may take a while to get to since it is the last class that you have to earn).
You will then( for this instructable I played capture the flag, but it is your choice, and I am not one judge your decision) click " play multiplayer" and click "play now!"
It will then pull you onto a random server with a random map.

Step 5: Decisions, Decisions...

You will then go to a screen where it says welcome on the top of the chalkboard, you will go to the bottom right corner and click continue.
The next page will give you the map name, what game mode you are playing, and a little bit about the game mode, after reading ( if you did) click continue which is in the same place.
Then you will get to choose a team (click one of the doors, the tv, as it says on the screen, will put you into spectator mode and you will not be able to play, unless you join a team)
You will then choose a class, for this instructable I would recommend the engineer ( since this is what the instructable is about)

Step 6: To the Camping Spot!

Once you have spawned in, the photos for this step will show you the way to one of the spots to be a defensive engineer.

Step 7: To Building!

Once you have reached the desk, you will want to go to the PDA( it looks like a little calculator) and you will see that there are four things to build, we are only going to worry about the first two, the sentry gun and the dispenser.

I would recommend placing down the dispenser first, so you don't have to walk back and forth going for metal (metal is what will build the buildings and will upgrade them as well)

A little tip to help the impatient people, hit the dispenser or the sentry gun to speed up the process by a little.

Once it has finished building, it will start to heal you and give you back ammo and metal.

I would fully upgrade that or get it to level 2, then I would build the sentry gun.

The sentry gun will have your back( and possibly shoot it too, if you stand in front of it when it is firing at an enemy) you will want to level both up to level three, that will be the highest level.

Step 8: Then You Wait...

The title is pretty self explanatory, the only thing is that you need to watch out for spies, since they will try to destroy your buildings and they can disguise as teammates, so watch out!